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Learning C++ fully is quite an undertaking. Here are a bunch of helpful online resources.

Online books

Thinking in C++ 
I recommend part 1, it gives a thorough introduction to the language, in a way that everybody who has any programming experience should be able to understand.
C++ in Action 
Less focused on the language itself, although it does introduce most of the language. Gives good advice on general software engineering topics.
The Standard Template Library 
Describes part of the C++ standard library.
C++ Language Tutorial 
A large online C++ tutorial covering many aspects of the language. Examples are included.

Other resources

MSDN on Standard C and C++ libraries 
It is really only a reference, not a place to easily learn new stuff, but if you need to look up what arguments that one library function you used a year ago took, this is a good place to look.
The C++ FAQ Lite 
Somewhat advanced. Gives a good summary of most common C++ problems and controversies.
Herb Sutter's 'Guru of the Week' Articles 
Advanced. C++ programming problems described as puzzles with answers.
C++ newsgroup (comp.lang.c++.moderated). If you have a question, try to search for the answer on google first (both in webpages and newsgroups). If you still haven't found an answer, and you are sure the question is about the language C++ (not about a specific compiler or library), you can ask it here.
Stroustrup's C++ Page 
Home of the creator of C++, this page contains some useful links and information, particularly with regards to getting started in C++.
Guru of the Week 
C++ programming problems and solutions