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Files are used to store many different types of data like images, music or videos. There are specifications as to how a file should be structured in order for it to be understood and read by other programs (for example: an image that has been created with Photoshop should be able to be viewed on a website). These specifications are called file formats.

Graphics: 2D

See the image format comparison table for an overview of file formats.

There are several file formats that are used to store images. The most simple formats store the color information of every pixel shown in an image. Others might compress the data by storing information of groups of pixels and others store vectors used in images. As you can see, every format has its advantages and disadvantages.

Graphics: 3D

See 3D Formats For a comparison of 3D Formats.

Model Formats

Map Formats

Application-Specific Formats



See Comparison Of Audio Formats On Wikipedia for more information

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