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Community Projects are intended to be educational development initiatives, driven by the GPWiki community. Someone will think of an idea for a project, and suggest a design on the forums. Others will help refine the design, and assist in the implementation. Public domain source code for all projects will be made available; users may peruse the source for educational purposes, or even make use of the source in their own projects (commercial, or otherwise).

  • Blockanoidz - A breakout clone that is being developed using the WikiCompiler.
  • Multiplayer Racing - A racing game made with a java application that I hope will soon support networking and better graphics. (open to all who wish to improve this.)
  • Project Othello - An implementation of the classic game Othello in a number of programming languages.
  • WikiCompiler - The WikiCompiler can be used to compile code created for wiki-based community projects.
  • Perception Crash - A 3D post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG by members of the GP Wiki Forums.
  • XNA MUD - A GP Wiki forums member based project. Uses C# and XNA Game Studio 3.0.

Coding Contests are occasionally held by the GPWiki community, where individuals are given a set amount of time to create a game to the best of their ability.

The contests were then relaunched in 2008.