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DevIL (Developer's Image Library) is a cross-platform images API with OpenGL style syntax. Besides simple loading and saving it allows you to manipulate images using few built-in filters (e.g. gaussian blur). This library supports OpenGL, Allegro, Windows GDI and DirectX API.

Supported file formats

Extension Loading Saving
act X
bmp X X
cut X
dcx X
dds X X
ico X
gif X
jpg X X
lbm X
lif X
mdl X
pal X X
pcd X
pcx X X
pic X
png X X
pnm X X
psd X
psp X
raw X X
sgi X X
tga X X
tif X X
wal X
Doom graphics X


  • UNIX (including Linux)
  • Windows

Tutorials and source

More information about DevIL
Tutorials and Source Code  »  DevIL Tutorials

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