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Resistance is futile; you will be enumerated!

Oops, are my dork genes showing? Anyhoo, what we're here to do is create a list of the available service providers so that we can present the user with some choices. As stated in the introduction, we'll most likely find four providers (the fab four): IPX, Serial, Modem, and TCP/IP. To obtain information on the available service providers, we must first fill a DirectPlayEnumConnections object with data:

Dim objEnumConnections As DirectPlayEnumConnections
    Set objEnumConnections = dp.GetDPEnumConnections("", DPCONNECTION_DIRECTPLAY)

We can then determine the total number of available providers by calling the GetCount method.

Dim lngNumConnections As Long
    lngNumConnections = objEnumConnections.GetCount

Next, we loop through each service provider and extract its name so that we may present it to the user. In this case, we'll populate a list box as we go along.

Dim LstBox as ListBox
    For i = 1 To lngNumConnections
        LstBox.AddItem objEnumConnections.GetName(i)

Are we having fun yet?

Keep on truckin! Read the Initializing a Connection tutorial. (Click here to download this tutorial's source code.)