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Empty DirectX 9 Project


The DirectX 9.0c April 2005 SDK from Microsoft comes with an excellent starting point for most DirectX 9 projects.

All I've done here is to provide a very slightly modified version of that, but also set up an orderly directory structure and configured Visual Studio .NET 2002 to follow that structure. I've also included all the DirectX code and resources needed for the project.

Directory Structure

[ProjectName] -- Docs -- Media -- Source


-- Bin


-- Obj


  • ProjectName

Self-explanatory, it's the project name or code name that you choose for your project. For bigger projects, it's a good idea to use code names for each milestone build.

(Anybody up to writing a slick batch file to change all file names from "EmptyProject" to another? This includes references in the VS2002 project file!)

  • Doc

Should contain design document(s), technical specifications, minimum requirements, milestone requirements etc..

  • Media

Should contain all media for the game. This includes models, textures, sounds, music, shaders, UI etc.. Be careful not to hardcode this relative directory location/name, as it should be moved to the game executable when distributing.

  • Source

The source code directory. This is where all the magic happens. I've only made two directories here - one for the DirectX sample framework (DXUT) and one for the code for the project. You can include more, rename etc. as you please. If you've got a game engine, you should put it here, and it should have almost exactly the same directory structure as this project.

  • Bin

Bin is short for binary, and here's where your executable files go after a successful build. Each subdirectory here is dependent on which build configuration you're using, but you should at least have "debug" (for testing) and "release" (for stable releases). Others might be for milestones, multiple platforms and so on.

  • Obj

This is just a place to put all the temporary files that Visual Studio .NET creates. This prevents these files from cluttering up source or output directories. Here's also subdirectories for each configuration.


Download the packed project here: DX9EmptyProject (202 kB)

Note: Left-click on link.

- Anders "Sion" Nissen

Added the 5. April 2005.