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GLFW (GL framework) is a platform-independant library that does things that would usually require platform-dependant code. Most notably:

  • Setting up windows and providing an OpenGL context for them
  • Reading input
  • Threading
  • Timing

The library is similar to SDL, except that it does fewer platform dependent things; it just does texture loading. As a result it is somewhat smaller. Furthermore, the license for GLFW (Zlib licence) is less strict than the one that SDL uses. At the moment GLFW supports pretty much any Unix with X11, MS Windows and Mac OS X.


Feature Yes No
sound effects and music X
input X
timers X
font rendering X
windowing X
scripting X
OpenGL X
networking X
math X
3d math X
file management X
threading X


  • UNIX (including Linux, *BSD, Irix, Solaris)
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Tutorials and Source

More information about GLFW
Tutorials and Source Code  »  GLFW Tutorials

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