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The Game Programming Wiki was created on August 1st, 2004 by Ryan Clark. It was the descendant of Ryan's now defunct VB Game Programming Website, though its scope had clearly broadened. However, its purpose remained the same: To provide a single source for easy-to-use and thoughtfully presented game programming information. The site has grown to become a popular resource for programming information and a good community hangs out on the message boards.

In March 2008 the Wiki content was forked to, both Wikis existed side-by-side as independant resources with a common root.

In Dec 2010, Ryan handed the reins over to Codehead as his personal commitments meant that he could no longer run the site.

In August 2011, decided to close their wiki as it had fallen into disrepair, was overrun with spam and no longer fitted the site's direction. Fortunately, the GameDev admins allowed us to clean and merge the extra content back into GPWiki, preserving the good work and useful contributions of the GameDev wiki community.

The idea of a wiki is to let everyone share and edit content. The Game Programming Wiki is under constant modification by many of its users. All these users together help the wiki grow and become a large knowledge base for game programming (and related) articles.

The Game Programming Wiki also has a forums section. It is the place for discussions, problems, and ideas regarding your game, a future game, or about the wiki. Many of the articles (contributions) found in the wiki originated from an idea at the forum. The wiki and the forum together make this site a respectable interactive knowledge base.

Feel free to share your knowledge!

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To see statistics about the history of The Game Programming Wiki visit the anniversaries page.