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According to hge.relishgames.com, HGE (Haaf's Game Engine) is a "an easy to use yet powerful hardware accelerated 2D game engine. It is a full featured middleware for all who want to develop commercial quality 2D games rapidly and easily." It is built upon DirectX 8, but no knowledge of DirectX programming is necessary, just familiarity with C++.

HGE Architecture

As of November 25, 2005, HGE has gone open source, and is licensed under the LGPL. However, BASS, the sound library that HGE uses, is not open source. You must purchase a license for BASS in order to use it in commercial applications.


Feature Yes No
sound effects and music X
input X
timers X
font rendering X
windowing X
scripting X
OpenGL X
networking X
math X
3d math X
file management X
threading X


  • Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP

Related Libraries

  • BASS - the sound library that HGE uses

Tutorials and Source

Note: The following tutorials are meant to be done sequentially. Each new section of the tutorial will build from the previous sections. The only exception is the final section, which will show you how to build a simple 2D game in HGE from scratch. Comment: This tutorial is not up to date with HGE 1.7.

More information about HGE
Tutorials and Source Code  »  HGE Tutorials

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External Resources

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Related Weblinks

  • HGE website - The official website of the engine
  • BASS website - The official website of the internal audio library
  • Qaf Framework - An extended library to the HGE engine to aid side-scroller development.