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What is The Game Programming Wiki?

The Game Programming Wiki is a repository for game programming knowledge. It is embodied in the form of a WikiWikiWeb, which comes from the Hawaiian term for "quick" or "super-fast". Anyone may contribute to The Game Programming Wiki simply by surfing to a page of interest and clicking "edit". The Game Programming Wiki is what you make it!

Still have questions? Try reading the FAQ!

How to Contribute

There are certain conventions we follow here at The Game Programming Wiki. Please read the posting conventions on the Editing Help page before making any edits!

The Game Programming Wiki is powered by MediaWiki. The developers of MediaWiki maintain a helpful User Guide that you may wish to peruse. Some of the more useful pages are listed here:

If you'd like to try your hand at modifying a page without risk, please feel free to play around on our Sandbox Page. The sandbox is for testing purposes only, so you needn't worry about messing anything up!