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The Golden Rules

  1. Please refer to the MediaWiki formatting manual if you are unsure of how to do something.
  2. Please use the sandbox page to do any tests so that regular pages are not disrupted.

Posting Conventions

All Edits

  • When posting code, be sure to enclose all code blocks with <syntaxhighlight> or <source> tags. See the Syntax Highlighting section for more information.
  • When posting ASCII art, wrap it in <pre></pre> tags. This will cause your text to be displayed in a fixed-width font, with all whitespace preserved.
  • When referring to variables and other technical terms, be sure to use the "Technical Terms" tag: <TT></TT>. This will display the term in a typewriter-style font, emphasizing that it is a technical term.
  • Posts must be made in the English language. Links to non-English content is permitted, but only if the link text itself is in English, and if the linked content is somehow useful to English speaking readers. (ie. Source code is useful, regardless of language.)
  • When attempting to call attention to a specific word or phrase, do not use the standard HTML bold or italics tags. Instead use the wiki markup emphasis tags. Simply surround the word or phrase in double, triple, or quintuple single quotes: ''Like'' '''this''' '''''or this'''''. The results look like this or this.
  • To create subject headings or subheadings, do not use emphasis tags. Instead use the wiki heading tags. Surround the heading with equals symbols, and place it on a new line:

=This would be a major heading.=

==This would be a sub-heading.==

===This would be a sub-subheading.===

  • If you'd like to add links to outside websites to an article, please do so in a "Related Links" heading at the bottom of the article. Please only post truly relevant links; all others will be removed! Outside links can be added like this: [ Google]
  • New. Be sure to use templates where applicable; this keeps the wiki clean and consistant. For a list of templates, click here.
  • If you're not confident in your wiki markup abilities and would like to practice, please do so on the sandbox page. Any edits you make on the sandbox page cannot harm the wiki, so feel free to test things out there!

Adding a New Page

  • The easiest way to create a new page is to create a link to it from an appropriate page, and then clicking on that link. Links to uncreated pages will show in a different colour than other links (usually red) and will allow you to create and edit that page directly. Alternatively, simply type the new page name in the URL bar of your browser like this:
  • Be sure to add your page to the proper category! This helps keep the wiki organised and helps others find what they are looking for. For a list of categories you can add an article, click here.
  • If you've added an entirely new article to the wiki, feel free to post on the Current events page to let everyone know what's new.
  • When creating templates, always start the page with the following code:
This will keep the wiki consistent, automatically add the new template to the template category, and tell others what purpose your template can be used for

Modifying an Existing Page

  • When making minor modifications to an article (such as a spelling or grammar correction), please be sure to check the "This is a minor edit" checkbox, above the Save page button. This will ensure that users who are watching for major page changes will not be flooded with minor edits.
  • If you wish to make a major modification to an article that conflicts or disagrees with content already contained within the article, please use the Discussion page attached to the article to explain yourself. (Each article page has a Discussion tab at the top.) Once you've made your case on the discussion page, please visit the forums to inform other users of your intentions. If you do not see a response within a reasonable amount of time, then you may go ahead and make your changes.
  • In order to organize our content, and avoid duplication of information, we use templates to store some of the information. You can recognize a reference to a template in the code by the {{curly braces}}. Please add appropriate changes you make to these existing templates.
  • If you notice that there is a large amount of data duplicated on two or more pages, make a note of it on the discussion page of one of the pages, and also mention it in the Content Issues forum for further investigation.

Game Programming Wiki Features

GPWiki has some special extra features in addition to the standard MediaWiki markup.

Syntax Highlighting

When posting code, be sure to enclose all code blocks with <syntaxhighlight type="language"> or <source type="language"> tags. This will cause your code block to be displayed with syntax highlighting.


<syntaxhighlight type="java">
Guy bob = new Guy();
if (somethingHappened == false) {


<source type="java">
Guy bob = new Guy();
if (somethingHappened == false) {


Guy bob = new Guy();
if (somethingHappened == false) {

In the language parameter you can select from an extensive list of languages such as:

  • "asm"
  • "c"
  • "csharp"
  • "cpp"
  • "dos"
  • "ini"
  • "java"
  • "lisp"
  • "lua"
  • "pearl"
  • "php"
  • "python"
  • "qb"
  • "ruby"
  • "vb"
  • "vbnet"
  • "xml"
  • and many more.

See the Generic Syntax Highlighter website for the complete list.


GPWiki uses LaTeX to generate images for better representation of mathematical formulae as images.


x & y & a\\
y & u & b\\
z & v & c


x & y & a\\
y & u & b\\
z & v & c

Another Example

<math>\sum_{k=1}^N k^2</math>

\sum_{k=1}^N k^2

The resulting image is cached after being rendered for the first view. You may have to force a browser refresh when adjusting the markup to see the result.

See MediaWiki's Formula Help for advanced techniques.


Templates are a powerful feature of MediaWiki. Some are simple chunks of markup, some take arguments and some simply modify the way pages are handled.

All templates are invoked by using the {{TEMPLATE_NAME|ARGUMENTS}} syntax.

The following templates are available for use:


Use Stub if a page needs to have more information added. This will automatically put the page in the stubs category.




40px-sprout.png   This article is a stub. You can help out by expanding it.

Markup Fix

Use this template to add a page to the Category:Pages with Broken Markup category.




40px-broken-icon.png   This page has broken markup.
If you fix this problem, please remove this banner.


Use this template to highlight out of date code. The information in the article may still be useful, but it should be highlighted if code or techniques are out-of-date.




SpiderWeb-40px.png   This article is deprecated. The techniques, code or technology may be out-of-date or superseded.
You can help out by updating it or linking to a page with newer information.

If there is an updated page, we can leave the old page for reference and direct people to the latest information.




SpiderWeb-40px.png   This article is deprecated. The techniques, code or technology may be out-of-date or superseded.
Please see BETTER_PAGE for a better solution.

Forum Banners

Use these templates to link your user page to your forum profile.




GPWiki Logo 64px.png   This user is also a GPWiki forums user.


{{Gamedev User|FORUM_ID_HERE}}


Gamedev Logo 64px.png   This user is also a user.



{{TipBox|Peanut butter goes well with strawberry jam.}}


GUITutorial info.gif Tip
Peanut butter goes well with strawberry jam.



{{InformationBox|Snapples provide an entire day's worth of your recommended tin intake.}}


GUITutorial info.gif Information
One snapple provides an entire day's worth of your recommended tin intake.



{{NoticeBox|Never mix coffee and relish.}}


GUITutorial warn.gif Notice
Never mix coffee and relish.


GPWiki has a range of icons that are used to keep table sizes down and add a splash of colour to articles. Using the icons templates rather than linking to images means that updating the icons across the whole wiki is much easier.

  • YesYes {{Yes}}
  • NoNo {{No}}
  • I'm some custom informationYes {{YesInfo|Text=I'm some custom information|Link=Main_Page}}
  • I'm some custom informationNo {{NoInfo|Text=I'm some custom information|Link=Main_Page}}

  • WindowsWindows {{Windows}}
  • LinuxLinux {{Linux}}
  • AndroidAndroid {{Android}}
  • BSDBSD {{BSD}}
  • BeOSBeOS {{BeOS}}
  • iOSiOS {{IOS}}
  • This text appears in the tooltip {{InfoRollover|Text=This text appears in the tooltip}}
  • OSXOSX {{MacOS}}
  • PlaystationPlaystation {{Playstation}}
  • SolarisSolaris {{Solaris}}
  • WiiWii {{Wii}}
  • XBoxXBox {{Xbox}}

Amazon Book Info Lookup

GPWiki's Amazon Book Info lookup feature produces an info box using Amazon web services when given an ASIN-10 ID number as an argument. This number is listed on the product details on each Amazon page.


No Amazon info found!
Note, this template will normally float to the right of the page.

If the book title is very long and spoils the layout, you can specify a shorter title as a second argument.

{{#AmazonBookInfo:0735619670|Code Complete 2}}
No Amazon info found!