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Welcome to the Independent and Casual Games Articles section on GPWiki. Here we will try to gather information that will be helpful to independent and casual game developers.

Please feel free to add new articles, edit existing articles, and talk about content issues on the appropriate "discussion" pages. (Each page has its own associated "discussion" page: Click the "discussion" tab at the top the page.) If you aren't sure how to edit a wiki page, or how to start a new page, click here.


Suggestions for future articles

  • "Gotchas" to look out for when signing contracts
  • Can you actually make a living doing this?
  • Demo and full version vs. unlockable full version: What are the pros and cons?
  • List of commonly used payment processors
  • Commonly used indie/casual development tools, libraries, engines (list examples of games made with each tool)
  • List of indie developer websites
  • Discussion of the terms "indie" and "independent"

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