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JCreator is a free development environment which I use for all of my Java programs. I highly recommend it. The Limited Edition version is free for use. I will explain how to set it up.

First go to this site.
Java JDK
and download the "The J2SE Development Kit (JDK) supports creating J2SE applications".
Then go to,
JCreator Download
and download JCreator LE version build 3.50.013 or if you want, buy the full version. You will be asked your name and e-mail. Fill it out and download JCreator from your e-mail. Once the JDK has finished downloading unzip (if necessary) and install. After the JDK has finished installing, install and run JCreator. When it asks for the JDK directory it should already be selected. If not, browse and find it your self. Click finish. You're now ready to start writing Java programs.

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--techno 17:10, 24 May 2005 (EDT)