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Making your own Pong

In this Making your own Game series, we will make our own version of Pong.

Screenshot of Pong game using KonsolScript.

Oh! You hate Pong? We will make a Pong replica because of the historical significance of the game. If humans have Adam in the bible as the first man ever existed, in computer games history they have Pong. Nice, eh?

Designing Stage

We will simply copy how the old Pong looked like -- well, that is as close to how I remember the game, okay? ^_^.

We need two paddles -- one for you and one for the opponent. Meaning, one will be controlled by you and one will have an Artificial Intelligence to control the other. Yes, we will code a simple AI for this game, which would be later in this series.

The game will be like a ping-pong game. Once you missed to hit the ball, the opponent will score, 1. Same goes when the opponent missed -- you score, 1.

Working Plan

The sub-topics should be taken in proper order, from Creating the Paddles and a Ball to Furnishing the Game.

Last Words

After this tutorial, you should already have an idea how to make a game using the KonsolScript language.