OpenGL Shader Constants

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The following is a listing of GLSL constants avaliable in the shader


All the following variables are const

  • int gl_MaxVertexUniformComponents - The maximum amount of Vertex Uniforms.
  • int gl_MaxFragmentUniformComponents - The maximum amount of fragment uniforms.
  • int gl_MaxVertexAttribs - The maximum amount of vertex attributes.
  • int gl_MaxVaryingFloats - The maximum amount of varying float variables.
  • int gl_MaxDrawBuffers - The maximum amount of draw buffers.
  • int gl_MaxTextureCoords - The maximum amount of texture coordinates.
  • int gl_MaxTextureUnits - The maximum number of texture units.
  • int gl_MaxVertexTextureUnits - The maximum number of texture units on a vertex.
  • int gl_MaxCombinedTextureImageUnits - The maximum number of combined texture units.
  • int gl_MaxLights - The maximum number of lights.
  • int gl_MaxClipPlanes - The maximum number of clip planes.


These preprocessor functions work in much the same way that C preprocessor commands work.

  • #define
  • #undef
  • #if
  • #ifdef
  • #ifndef
  • #else
  • #elif
  • #endif
  • #error
  • #pragma
  • #line
  • ___LINE___
  • ___FILE___
  • ___VERSION___