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The overhead this causes is significant, but it is definitly possible to write realtime games in Java.

Is the overhead really significant? I think there would be a few people that would disagree with that. Java has come a long way lately and keep a good pace with C/C++ - sik0fewl 14:09, 5 Oct 2004 (EDT)


I was just wondering, is Java a good platform to develop on? Can you count on Joe Average having the JRE 5.0 installed?

Going Mobile

I personally would have many reservations about creating a traditional game using Java. But there are a huge number of mobile phones that are Java enabled, which gives Java games a whole new level of legitimacy.
This isn't a plug, but I run a mobile programming site ( If you want me to write something on the wiki about MIDP or DoJa game programming, please send me a mail (