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Here I try to keep the code on a good state, but actually I see that while developing some thing changes, and should be changed.

So, now i write this tutorial keeping these things, when i'll finish the tut, i'll write the complete application demo, and i'll check this document to change something.


Code and stuff is fine, I guess, but damn you need to work on your english! It's bordering on incomprehensive at times.

-Agreed. This article is almost unreadable.

Problems with source code

Pressing "d" outputs animation to stdout.txt in a format different than that discussed in the article.

boneDumpTree doesn't output childCount. This is not used in loadstructure but loadstructure expects it to be there.

The last bone in the structure is always duplicated so there is always an extra bone. Don't know where the error is in the code, only noticed the extra bone in the viewer and when dumping the bone tree.

--10dulkar 01:09, 26 January 2012 (UTC)