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About Directx11 and Multithreading

Much of my experience is with DX11, but many of the requested tutorials require a lot more boilerplate than their DX9 equivalents. DX11 lacks things like point sprites and the fixed function pipeline so you have to implement them yourself using shaders. For this reason, much of these tutorials would be mostly set-up if they were written using DirectX only.

Fortunately there is the open source DirectXTK which is a library maintained by MS employees that allows developers to easily draw sprites and models, and load textures without much set up. I think for beginner tutorials, it'd better to use this library, then once shaders and other things are covered users will have the knowledge to recreate the functionality of the DXTK if they desire, or they can work on more interesting things if they chose.

I'm going to start cracking away at making some DX11 tutorials in the coming weeks, but I wanted to get input from others about whether it should be in pure DirectX, or if I should start users off with the DXTK, then have them move away.

Another thing that I've noticed about this wiki is that there doesn't seem to be any information about multithreading (although it does seem to be mentioned in a few pages), I think I'll work on tutorials for that as well. It might be a good introduction to C++11 features as well, seeing as threads are now part of the language standard.

Libraries are a tough one. I used to prefer to work as close to the core as possible to gain better understanding of the low level activity. However, these days, I simply don't have time and often drop in a library to speed things up. So I guess I'm saying that low level tutorials would be good, but any content is better than the outdated stuff we currently have. Also, easier setup with library-based stuff might be better for some users.

Multithreading wasn't a concern when most of the content was written, obviously things have moved on now. Content on that topic would be great.

Codehead 07:00, 10 June 2013 (UTC)

I think people overlook this page, way too often :). Move it higher on the main page?

--Almar Joling 09:01, 19 Feb 2005 (EST)

That's true. But I don't know if it would "fit" in any of the other categories which are higher up on the page. Or maybe I could move the whole communities section up? Ryan Clark 12:45, 20 Feb 2005 (EST)

I think it could fit into introduction section possibly. That way it'll be at the top. I think the communities section is best left where it is. - Chris Walker 18/04/05 16:13 (GMT)