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There are many great libraries for game development with Python!



And some great resources:

The My Game Fast series covers developing games of different genres using Python and Panda3D:

MGF ISSUES are organised into VOLUMES. All of the content makes use of software & tools that are available for free. Each Volume completes with a fully finished playable game that will work on Windows, Mac, Linux and can even be run in a Web Browser! Each Issue has a purpose and point. You will always see progress in the development of your game. Issues are short and snappy, as they should be, backed up by video where necessary. The focus is games but the skills taught are very transferable. You will learn computer programming and software engineering using little more than a text editor, the Python programming language and the Panda3D game engine. Python was chosen because it has been used successfully (and commercially) for games, business applications, web applications and most any application you can think of! It's also a 'great first language' for anyone wanting to learn programming.

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