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A Simple way to make stand-alone packages with Truevision 3D


Q: What is TV3D?

A: Truevision 3D is a commercial 3D game API that is well rounded, fast, and quite cheap.

Q: What is the need for the article?

A: The aim of this tutorial is to teach you how to fix your executable (exe) and TV3D library working on other peoples computers.

Q: Are there any issues in legality?

A: There is a thread on this topic here.

So why won't my TV3D project work on another computer?

The TV3D SDK is composed of a small set of DLL files. Even if you copy all the DLL's into the program folder it still won't run as TV3D needs to be registered in Windows' Registry.

Here is a solution which is a simple loader module for use TV projects, which just registers the DLL's and calls your main module.

  Private Sub main()
     Shell "regsvr32 /s truevision3d.dll"
     Shell "regsvr32 /s tvmedia.dll"
     Shell "regsvr32 /s tvutil62.dll"

End Sub You could also include all of your library and game initialization code here and display a nice splash screen or loading window or something. To get this thing running you will also need to make sure you include all of the VB and TV3D runtimes DLL's with your package. (Its usually easiest if you put them in the same folder as your exe.) You will need to include the following files: