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Name: Doug Sheets (in game aliases: -The Raven- (no longer used), Decian Falx, Hugh Jass, Upon the Shoulders of Giants)
Location: Southwest Ohio
Occupation: unemployed, looking for job (email me for resume)
Contact information:, AIM "Decian Falx"
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Been programming with OpenGL off and on since high school, B.S. in Computer Science from Miami University ('04) ( slashdot user id sheetsda. John Carmack is my hero. Currently looking for a steady job (programming and graphics if I can get it, email me for a resume). In high school was part of the programming team on what has become a very popular Half-Life mod (but I left before it got popular, doh!)


  • All things 3D graphics and OpenGL
  • All forms of programming as it relates to games
  • Mod programming
  • Many other computer science topics (algorithms, automata, networks, security, etc...)

== Contributions == (minor edits excluded)

  • GLInfo - a little tool I hacked together to retrieve and save info on the local OpenGL implementation (video card vendor, video card name, OpenGL version, and supported OpenGL extensions) to a file called "OpenGL Environment info.txt"

Favorite Computer Languages

  • C++
  • Perl

Books I like

  • OpenGL Programming Guide (link is to the fourth edition, though I only have the second but I'm going to assume its even better.)

Favorite TV shows

  • Everything on Adult Swim
  • Lost
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?