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Welcome to the Game Programming Wiki.

Ever wanted to write your own computer game? This is a great place to talk about it.

Points of Interest


  • The Stone Cypher wiki talks a bit about game design, but it's not a publicly-editable wiki. But I do like the Win32 New User Resources page describing, given a fresh Win32 install, what to do to set up a programming environment.


The Wiki Nodes Project aims to create a fabric among wikis which allows users to traverse the universe of all wikis via topically related links. The GPWiki is also listed in the WikiIndex, a related project that further groups wikis by language, wiki-engine, edit mode and topical tags.

We are wiki collaboration enthusiasts who work on many wiki projects and coordinate through, please join us if you would like. Obviously, since this is wiki, please revert this edit if not wanted! :-) Best, --DavidCary 02:21, 13 October 2011 (UTC)