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=== Graphics ===
=== Graphics ===
* 3D Texture Mapping [http://content.gpwiki.org/index.php?title=Texture_Mapping&oldid=32238 BAM, did it, DONE!]
* 3D Texture Mapping
* DirectX 3D animation from an X file
* DirectX 3D animation from an X file
* Updated OpenGL tutorials
* Updated OpenGL tutorials

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This page serves as a master list of all "wanted" pages. If there's a specific tutorial you'd like to see on the wiki but which doesn't exist yet, add your item to the list below! But please add the date and your signature beside your request.

Language Agnostic


  • 3D Texture Mapping
  • DirectX 3D animation from an X file
  • Updated OpenGL tutorials


  • Overview of different AI techniques used in games (non-source code overview).
  • Spaceship Combat AI
  • Team AI/Flocking (similar to Half-Life and Half-Life 2)
  • State machines for managing game agent AI
  • Reinforcement Learning in Game AI
  • Fuzzy Logic for Game AI
  • Machine Learning in Games
  • Physics in platform / tile games (Inertia/Gravity/Friction)


(? http://opengl.org/documentation/glsl/ )

  • How to load and use shader files with OpenGL/SDL/DirectX
  • Just about anything involving shaders
  • Demonstrate how to set sampler and renderstate properties using HLSL so they do not have to be written in code
  • How to access and use HLSL varibles within shader *.FX files

Engine Design

  • State machines for managing game states



  • Update tutorials to latest version(DX11?)
  • How to display a sprite
  • How to play a sound
  • How to get Keyboard Input
  • How to get Mouse Input
  • Collision Detection with source code
  • Basic stencil buffering
  • Basic environment mapping
  • Sprites both with the sprite class and vertexbuffers drawing point points with point size
  • Exporting and loading mesh data out from 3DS MAX / gMAX
  • Exporting material data from 3DS MAX / gMAX
  • Skinned mesh example
  • Using the texture matrix
  • Understanding billboarding
  • How to create a screen saver
  • How to create and use a render to texture


  • Displaying a Sprite with ClanLib
  • Playing Sounds with ClanLib


  • Basic tutorial(s) on getting ParaGUI up and running.


  • More Java game programming tutorials would be nice! Stuff like using OpenGL in Java for example.
  • More Graphic stuff (example, how to rotate sprites on a JFrame)
  • More Android stuff

Web Based Game Development

  • HTML 5 and modern web based platforms
  • Web based game programming techniques
  • Database selection (task/role), design
  • Selecting your scripting language
  • Game interface design for the browser
  • Tip & Tricks
  • Security

Game Mechanics

  • Discussion on a games:
  • How do you program turn based strategy games like Final Fantasy( or at least the combat system)?
  • Combat calculations
  • Doing the math behind Player A attacks Player B
  • Implementing: Battle order (initiatives), armor ratings, to-hit, damage, evade, parry.
  • Loot tables for specific encounters

I added a stub article on Game Mechanics because I've been looking for formulas for my own RPG, but found out I'm going to have to come up with my own. The stub will try to go through the game mechanics of an RPG, and my coding snippets are in Visual Basic.NET. If we can add to that stub, I can see mechanics for First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategies, etc in the future, if we think the articles is viable to GPWiki :) --SungKwon 10:06, 26 April 2007 (EDT)


  • Setting up a website
  • Using Git and GitHub
  • Promoting your game
  • Recruitment