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; [[Image:Shareware.JPG|Shareware]] {{Windows}} [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [http://www.16software.com/autoscreen AutoScreen] : Automatic screenshot taker than can also upload screenshots to an FTP server and/or ImageShack.  
; [[Image:Shareware.JPG|Shareware]] {{Windows}} [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [http://www.16software.com/autoscreen AutoScreen] : Automatic screenshot taker than can also upload screenshots to an FTP server and/or ImageShack.  
; [[Image:Shareware.JPG|Shareware]] {{Windows}} [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [http://www.bandicam.com/ Bandicam] : Bandicam makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Free version includes watermark and limited recording time.
; [[Image:Shareware.JPG|Shareware]] {{Windows}} [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/bbflashback.aspx BB FlashBack] : Screen recorder that allows you to export movies to Flash, AVI, WMV or EXE formats. Enhance movies with sound, text and images. Perfect for software demonstrations, screencasting, presentations, tutorials and training.
; [[Image:Shareware.JPG|Shareware]] {{Windows}} [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [[Image:Empty.JPG]] [http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/bbflashback.aspx BB FlashBack] : Screen recorder that allows you to export movies to Flash, AVI, WMV or EXE formats. Enhance movies with sound, text and images. Perfect for software demonstrations, screencasting, presentations, tutorials and training.
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; [[Image:Freeware.JPG|Freeware]] {{Windows}} {{MacOS}} {{Linux}} [http://www.cyd.liu.se/~tompe573/hp/project_sfxr.html sfxr] : A simple Sound Effects Generator, originally made for people participating in the Tri-annual Ludum Dare 48hr game development competition as many entrants had difficulty finding the time to incorporate audio.
; [[Image:Freeware.JPG|Freeware]] {{Windows}} {{MacOS}} {{Linux}} [http://www.cyd.liu.se/~tompe573/hp/project_sfxr.html sfxr] : A simple Sound Effects Generator, originally made for people participating in the Tri-annual Ludum Dare 48hr game development competition as many entrants had difficulty finding the time to incorporate audio.
; [[Image:Freeware.JPG|Freeware]] {{Windows}} {{MacOS}} {{Linux}} [http://www.bfxr.net/ Bfxr] : Bfxr is an elaboration of the glorious Sfxr, the program of choice for many people looking to make sound effects for computer games.
; [[Image:Freeware.JPG|Freeware]] {{Windows}} {{MacOS}} {{Linux}} [http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Audacity] : Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.
; [[Image:Freeware.JPG|Freeware]] {{Windows}} {{MacOS}} {{Linux}} [http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Audacity] : Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

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Graphic Tools

Graphical development can be a complex field. Listed below is a selection of common (and uncommon) tools used in the development of 2D and 3D Artwork.

2D Raster Graphics

Old-fashioned, pixel based drawing

Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Active Pixels 
Active Pixels is an Image and Computer Graphics editor offering users a wide variety of possibilities in the fields of Image Enhancing and Image Editing.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Adobe Photoshop 
A powerful image manipulation program.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 
Adobe Photoshop Elements combines power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary; tell engaging stories in beautiful, personalized creations for print and the web; and easily find and view all your photos.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 
Sketch. Annotate. Communicate. Designed for use with tablet PCs or digitized pen tablets, Autodesk SketchBook Pro software is your digital sketchpad. Use it in any creative process where pen and paper would traditionally be use.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Allegro Sprite Editor 
A handy little sprite editor with frame animation support, similar to MSPaint or GraphicsGale.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Anime Studio 
Includes everything aspiring artists and hobbyists need to create quality cartoons, movies, anime and cut out animations from start to finish. (See also Anime Studio Pro)
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG ArtWeaver 
Artweaver is a simple Freeware program for creative painting that offers you all artistic effects which you need for your work.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG ArtRage 2.5 
With ArtRage you can paint with oils, sketch with pencils, sprinkle sparkling glitter and much more. Stencils and rulers let you create precise shapes or smooth curves and straight lines freehand. Tracing and Reference images let you load photos to recreate as paintings either by eye or by letting ArtRage select colors for you as you paint. For professional users, ArtRage offers Layers, Layer Groups and Layer Blend Modes compatible with the PSD file format.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux CinePaint 
CinePaint is an OpenSource deep paint tool for higher color fidelity formats such as DPX, 16-bit TIFF, and OpenEXR, along with more conventional formats such as JPG and PNG.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Corel Painter X 
Painter has been the world's pre-eminent Natural-Media® painting and illustration software.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux FotoFlexer 
FotoFlexer is an Online digital photo editor equiped with layers, distortions, effects, shapes, and more.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Genetica 
A powerful seamless texture editor that comes with over 500 preset textures of all types.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux GIMP 2.6
Image manipulation program, on the level of Photoshop, but free. Many advanced plugins, writing new ones is rather easy. There is also a version called GIMPshop which is closer to Photoshop in function and layout (but with no photoshop plugin support) for those who may dislike GIMP's native interface.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG GraphicsGale 
Great for pixel art, GIF animation. Freeware and shareware versions available.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG ImageForge 
Merge images, create 3D titles and shapes, remove red-eye and other imperfections from photos, apply special effects filters, use custom brushes and natural media (watercolors, oil paint, etc.), produce your own animations (.GIF, .AVI, etc.), make your own web art, and much more.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LinuxLinux KolourPaint
A very simple image manipulation program which is very similar to MS Paint, only built for KDE.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux Krita  
An image editor, part of the KOffice suit, Krita is relatively new, but has almost all the features of the GIMP and other alternatives.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LView Pro 
LView Pro is a multi-featured image processor software suited to a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple image viewing to advanced image editing.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Manga Studio Debut 
Manga Studio Debut 4.0 is your all-in-one solution for ready-to-publish manga and comics. Invigorate your artwork using color, express motion using speed lines, apply dimension with screen tones and add dialog through built-in word balloons. (See also Manga Studio EX 4)
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG openCanvas 4.5 
openCanvas4.5 is the great painting and illustration software with a lot of new and improved features for not only experienced artists but also novices.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX Empty.JPG Paintbrush 
Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X, similar to Microsoft Paint and the now-defunct MacPaint. The project's ultimate goal is to recreate the basic functionality of Microsoft Paint, which has been noticeably absent from Mac OS X for years. Paintbrush can open and save to most major image formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Paint.Net 
A commercial grade image and photo manipulation software. Originally intended as a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with Windows. It is designed to be used on computers that run Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server 2003 and written primarily in C#.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Paint Shop Pro 
An image manipulation program that aims to have features like Photoshop, but with a cleaner interface. Also does simple Vector graphics.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Pixel Image Editor 
Pixel is a RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching, graphics manipulating and animation program available for many operating systems formerly known as Pixel32. It is available for Windows, Linux, Linspire, MacOSX, BeOS, Zeta, QNX, MorphOS, FreeBSD, eComStation, OS/2, SkyOS and even old plain DOS, for both x86 and PowerPC architectures. It is often called as Photoshop alternative.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PaintStar 
PaintStar is a versatile digital image processing software suitable for such tasks as retouching of photographs, composing and authoring images, image morphing, screen capture, and displaying image thumbnail in Windows Explorer context menu. It supports alpha, layer, path ,and the most common editing techniques.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX Empty.JPG Pixen 3 
Pixen is a graphics editor for the Mac. It's designed from top to bottom for pixel artists—people who make low-resolution raster art like the sprites you see in old video games. But it's great for artists of all arenas: Pixen is like a very powerful MSPaint or a simpler, more agile Photoshop.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Pixia
An image manipulation program, mostly aimed at truecolor illustration, with transparent layers and outstanding support for gradients, palettes and fill patterns. Old versions in many languages; Japanese, English, and German are up-to-date.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Photobie 
Photobie is image editing software that combines features amateurs can use with advanced tools professionals will appreciate. Photobie is free for personal use with no Pro upgrade to pay for -- all features are free.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PhotoFiltre Studio 
PhotoFiltre Studio is a complete image retouching program, it allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. PhotoFiltre Studio also has layer manager (with Alpha channel), advanced brushes, nozzles (or tubes), red eye corrector, batch module and a lot of other powerful tools.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Photogenics HDR 
Photogenics HDR is a powerful image manipulation program capable of handling HDR formats and 3D scene's. Also available for PocketPC.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PhotoImpact 
Combines full-featured photo editing with inspiring photo projects and amazing digital art to make digital photography and image creativity fun, fast and easy.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Photoscape 
Photoscape is the fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PhotoSEAM 
Special purpose image editor for creating seamless textures and tiles from digital images, or from scratch.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PhotoStudio 
PhotoStudio® 5.5 is a powerful photo editing application featuring an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Texture Maker 
Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer. The application contains everything needed to create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video editing. It can create procedural and hand painted textures from scratch, remove visible seams from existing images, crop textures from photos by applying a perspective correction, render seamless tiles from structure sample patches and combine existing textures and height maps with realistic illumination. Also animated textures are no problem with Texture Maker. The program is even capable of generating seamless animation loops.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG TVP Animation 9 
TVP Animation is a package for the creation of graphic content and 2D animation. This package offers a complete toolset to create a simple blue-lined rough anim sketch to digital hand-drawn paperless animation.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Ultimate Paint 
Very similar to MSPaint/Deluxe Paint and its ilk.

2D Vector Graphics

Drawing using shapes that contain properties.

Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Adobe Illustrator 
A very powerfull but easy to use vector graphics application from the team at Adobe.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Anime Studio (previously Moho) 
A vector-based drawing and animation tool. Has a skeletal animation system that greatly simplifies 2D animation.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Corel Draw 
A nice vector editor, often used to design printouts.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Inkscape 
An SVG editor with a "Corel Draw"-like interface.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Microsoft Acrylic (formerly Creature House Expression) 
A powerful vector and bitmap editing suite with many revolutionary features not seen in other apps. It exports to all the major formats (EPS, AI, PDF) available for Windows and MacOS.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Pencil 
Pencil is an animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Real-DRAW 
Real-Draw V seamlessly combines vector tools with the rich look of pixel based images and innovative natural paint techniques into a new type of graphics editor.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Skencil 
An interactive vector drawing application. It is a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Sodipodi 
Also an SVG editor but with a more "GIMP"-like interface.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Synfig 
A great 2D animation studio, relased under GNU/GPL license.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Xara Xtreme
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux Xara Xtreme for Linux 
Very good software for vector drawing, which is now OpenSource software and ported for Linux and Mac. Windows Version is still Commercial.

3D Modeling

Utilities that are used to create 3-dimensional figures.

Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG 3D Canvas 
Amabilis 3D Canvas modeling and animation tool. Three versions: free, plus and pro.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux 3D-Coat 
3D-Coat is a powerful modeling tool in development that uses Volumetric Sculpting (voxels) to produce 3D images. 3D-Coat V3 will support NVIDIA's CUDA™ technology which considerably accelerates volumetric sculpting performance.
Shareware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux 3D Matrix 
The 3D Matrix modeler is great for those building real-time applications such as simulation, interactive animation and games. It functions as a standalone program or as a utility to integrate with your other favourite 3D applications.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LinuxLinux 3dom 
3dom is a 3D Solid Object Modeler, designed to be independant of the renderer back-end. Highlights include constructive solid modeling, reality-based material representation, a flexible plugin system, scripting through Python bindings and a constraint solving engine.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG 3D Studio MAX 
Modeling, animation and rendering. Used very often in professional game productions.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux AC3D 
Linux-friendly 3D modeler, with simple click-and-drag interface.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Amapi Pro 
Amapi Pro 7.5 provides product designers and 3D modelers a NURBS-based environment for conception and creation of highly refined 3D models.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Amorphium 
Amorphium 3 offers a variety of intuitive, yet powerful design tools.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Anim8or 
Modeling, animation, and rendering. Very simple yet powerful tool, free, runs only on windows.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Art Of Illusion 
A full featured 3D modelling, rendering, and animation studio. It is written entirely in Java, and can run on almost any operating system.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Aztec 
Aztec is a 3D Modelling and Animation tool that is intended to provide a decent set of tools for use in the Game development process.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Blender 
A free 3D animation suite that can be used for modeling, uv-unwrapping, texturing, animation, simulation, particles, and rendering. Very powerful program with a very obscure interface which, once mastered, is indispensable.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux BRL-CAD 
Modeling, geometry processing, collision detection, rendering, networking, mathematics, etc. BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform open source solid modeling system.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Carrera 
Carrara 6 provides 3D figure posing and animation, modeling, environment creation, and rendering tools within a single application.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG CharacterFX 
CharacterFX is a character animation tool, created for gamers, artists, modellers and hobbyists. It allows you to breathe live into your meshes using skeletal animation and advanced tools like Inverse Kinematics or Weighted Vertices, but still it is easy enough to use for all levels of computer graphic artists.
Shareware Empty.JPG OSXOSX Empty.JPG Cheetah3D 
Simple but elegant modeler for Mac OS X (Cocoa) with integrated raytracing.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Cinema 4D 
Modeling, animation and rendering. It has one of the most intuitive interfaces.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG ClayWorks 
3D Modeling software. ClayWorks is a procedural modeling program.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Deep Paint 3D 
Right Hemisphere's Deep Paint 3D delivers an intuitive, easy to use tool to paint and texture 3D models interactively in 3D.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG DoGa 
Odd Japanese modeler. 3 versions available, L1 is free and produces sci-fi models from building blocks.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG EIAS (Electric Image Animation System) 
The Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) is an eminent 3D animation and rendering package. Available for the Mac and PC, with it, you can texture, animate and render your 3D scenes. EIAS includes the ability to network render to an unlimited number of computers across both platforms.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux Equinox 3D 
The 3D modeler with the fastest, fully integrated ray-tracer. Because "rasterization is so 20th century(TM)".
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG FragMOTION 
FragMOTION is a powerful 3D modeler specifically intended for the creation and animation of characters. fragMOTION is intuitive and easy to use and if that's not enough for you, the event driven scripting system makes it a breeze for you to add your own features.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Google SketchUp 
A free version of SketchUp, limited to saving Google Earth objects.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Grome 
Professional landscape and level editor for games and visual simulations.
Demo version is available which doesn't support saving.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG GroBoto 
3D modeling and animating framework designed with an easy interface in mind.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Hash Animation Master 
This program includes everything you need to create computer graphics, including complete sculpting features, animation tools, rendering, and is compatible with most platforms.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Houdini 
An advanced 3D and CG animation and modeling program.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Innovation 3D 
Innovation3D is a 3D modeling program for Linux. It's primarily a mesh based modeler with preliminary support for NURBS.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux K-3D 
Up and coming 3d modeling package, features engine based animated tutorials.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LightRay3D
A 3D modeling, rendering, animation and game creation application for Windows 95/98/Me/2k/XP.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Lightwave 
Modeling, animation, rendering. Good modeler with a great renderer.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Loq Airou 
Loq Ariou is a 3D modeler that works like a sketch pad. Hi end, Low poly, concept art or just playing about, Loq Ariro does it for you.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux MakeHuman 
MakeHuman (c) is a completely free, innovative and professional software for the modelling of 3-Dimensional characters.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Maya
Modelling, animation and rendering. Preferred by many modelers and animators because of its intuitive interface and its scripting ability. (Free Personal Learning Edition available to students)
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Metasequoia 
Metasequoia is a polygon modeler for 3DCG and game development. It provides you efficient modeling works. It is very easy to use and learn.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Milkshape 
Modeling and animation. Nice tool that can handle many formats natively.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LinuxLinux MindsEye 
The goal of MindsEye is to create a complete (and free) 3D modeling and animating package for GNU/Linux similar to larger commercial software (Lightwave, 3DS Max, Maya, etc).
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Misfit Model 3D 
Open source modeler, with skeletal animation. Support for MD2,MS3D,3DS,LWO formats.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Modo 
Modo includes true 3D sculpting tools, animation and network rendering. More than just features, modo is a truly elegant integration of technology, raw horsepower and refined workflow.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux Moonlight 3D 
Moonlight|3D is a free modern, flexible and extensible modelling and animation tool.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG OpenFX 
Powerful free 3D Modeler similar to 3ds.
Freeware Empty.JPG OSXOSX LinuxLinux OpenTeddy 3D Modeller 
Easy-to-use freeform sketch-based 3D modeler based on the paper by T. Igarashi et al, "Teddy: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design."
Shareware Empty.JPG OSXOSX Empty.JPG Pixels 3D 
3D software for Mac OS/X.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Poser 
With Poser, you can design using the human form for art, illustration, comics, animation, etc.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Q2Modeller 
Quake 2 Modeler. Create/convert .md2 for pickier apps (e.g. Cube/Sauerbraten).
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Realsoft 3D 
Modeling, Solid modeling, animation and 64bit per channel rendering.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Rhino3D 
A powerful NURBS modeling program, also features Raytracing and Animation suites.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Shade 
Shade 8 Standard is a 3D graphics toolkit that delivers powerful 3D modeling, rendering and animation for designers, illustrators and architects.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Silo 
Silo 2 is a focused 3D modeling application with the ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculpting high-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces. It can be used for anything from creating 3D characters for video games and movies to quickly exploring 3D architectural ideas.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux SoftImage XSI 
Professional 3D suite used for games, but more commonly used movie special fx.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG SoftImage ModTool 
Freeware version of SoftImage XSI specialized on game mods.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Strata 3D CX 
Possibly the most powerful new features in Strata 3D CX 5.0 are the Adobe connection features. These include improved native Photoshop file import for linked 3D textures and improved native Illustrator import to create 3D objects, and Render to Layers where each image component gets rendered out as a separate layer in a native Photoshop ".psd" file.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG trueSpace 7.6 
Modelling, animation and rendering , version 7.6. Free for all!!!
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Vue 6 Easel 
Vue Easel is perfect for anyone who wants to produce their own high quality 3D landscape art, scenery or animation.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Wings 3D 
Modeling and rendering.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG ZBrush 
Powerful sculpting and modeling program.

Specialized Graphics Tools

Art tools that don't quite fit into any section.

Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG 7yuv 
Raw Image Editor, analyze and edit surface and framebuffer dumps, supporting many RGB, YUV, and palette color formats.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Auto FX 
Photoshop Plug-in Filters.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG LinuxLinux AutoTrace 
Converts bitmap to vector graphics.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG AVI Creator 1.5 
A handy little utility by Bloodshed Software, just add Bitmaps or Icons.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Biturn 
Converts between several game model formats.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Calimax Modeller 
Calimax is a freeware program to create Povray scripts. So you can make photo realistic pictures and animations with the two programs Calimax and Povray.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Deep Exploration 
Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Exploration CAD Edition enables your extended teams to easily create and deliver visual product communications and collaborate more effectively. Rapidly and easily transform, author, and publish 2D and 3D product graphics and documents on your desktop using existing engineering CAD design data and other digital content.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux ImageMagick 
Convert and edit images from the command line.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Image Packer 
Put multiple images into one and generate code.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG LHFire 
A script based Particle Renderer, good for creating explosions, flares, and other sprites.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Microsoft Gif Animator 
A utility used for making GIF animations.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux obj2ogl 
Converts .obj model files to OpenGL C code. Crude shell script but sometimes useful.
Commercial WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG PhotoSuite 8 
With One Button Photo Fix, Smart Views, and Peer-to-Peer photo sharing your life just got a whole lot more organized.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Polytrans 
PolyTrans is a good utility for accurate 3D CAD/DCC+Animation/Model/NURBS/Skinning translation, optimization and viewing.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux povray 
A free ray tracer for creating 3 dimensional graphics.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Scythe Physics Editor 
A modeler for constructing physics-based objects, such as vehicles, buildings, ragdolls.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux TexturePacker 
A tool for creating sprite sheets / texture atlases from individual images.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Ultimate Unwrap 
A UV mapping utility.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux YafRay 
The preferred ray tracer for Blender users. It creates very good renderings. Looks very promising.

Terrain and World Editing Tools

Tools for creating (2d and 3d) world,levels,maps,terrains to your games.

Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG 3D World Studio 
A constructive solid geometry (CSG) modeler with support for object placement, terrain, and lighting.
Commercial WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Bryce 
A powerful 3D Landscapes Modelling program.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG DeleD 
3D Level-Designer (free but functional lite version available).
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Dungeon Crafter 3 
Dungeon Crafter III is a floorplan mapping application used to create graphical maps of dungeons for your table top or roleplay gaming. Use it to create highly detailed maps to hand out to your players or as a background for your table top miniature battles.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Fractal Terrains Pro 
Want to create an entire world in under five minutes? Want to generate rivers, lakes, craters and continental shelves? Want to generate maps from real world Earth data? Welcome to FT Pro.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG GtkRadiant 
Quake's map editor.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG L3DT 
Large 3D Terrain Editor (standard)
Commercial WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG L3DT 
Large 3D Terrain Editor (professional)
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Mappy 
A utility for creating flexible 'maps' for 2D and 3D tile based games.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Quark 
QuArK stands for Quake Army Knife and is a Quake editor. It can edit maps and models, import sounds and textures, create pak-files and run compilers.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Spritesheet Editor 
A useful little program used for the creation of 2D sprites, tiles, and tilesets.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG T.Ed 
T.Ed Professional Terrain Editor. A full featured editor for designing mesh or 'dynamic LOD' terrains, lightmaps.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Terraformer 3 
A terrain editor that allows dynamic painting and shaping of environments.
Shareware WindowsWindows OSXOSX Empty.JPG Terragen 
A tool for rendering landscapes, good for background graphics eg. the skybox.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Tile Studio 
Graphics editor for 2D tile-based games, contains a sprite editor and a map editor, programmable output with examples for several languages.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG tIDE editor / xTile engine 
2D Tile map editor with XNA tile engine integration. Features WYSIWYG parallax layer editing, tile animation and custom attributes assignable across the map structure.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG World Builder 4 
A powerful world building program compatible with mainstream modeling programs such as Maya, Lightwave, 3DS Max, and Softimage.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG WorldCreator 
This software integrates many unique labour saving features specifically aimed at creating artwork / graphics / tiles for Games, Media and Web design quickly and easily.

Font Tools

Need to make bitmap fonts?

Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Bitmap Font Builder 
TTF -> TGA,RAW,BMP for use in OpenGL and Direct3D.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Bitmap Font Generator 
Makes a grid bitmap from TTF fonts. Optimizes placement of the characters in the bitmap to make efficient use of the space.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Codehead's Bitmap Font Generator 
Build bitmap fonts for OpenGL/DirectX applications. Supports 8, 24 and 32 bit font images, export to BMP and TGA. Default output to custom file containing texture and character width data. Example source code included.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG FontMaker 2 
Import a .tif image (can have alpha channel, shadows, etc) and mark up the position and spacing of the letters. The project file is stored in .fmk (xml file). Then you can export a .rft (rasterized font file(xml)) with a compressed and texture-sized .TGA file.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Font Mechanic 
Built for the mainly for the Goblin 2D+ Engine, this tool is written in VB.Net and offers options like shadow and optionally omitting some characters. The created textures could be used in basically any 2D or 3D application as the bitmap is saved as a 32 bit PNG and the font definitions are saved in a separate text file. This program has 100% unicode support so bitmap fonts for Chinese, Russian, etc are supported. Also, unlike a LOT of other bitmap font creators, the characters are positioned on the texture to optimize all free space. Basically create a bitmap font from any Windows True Type font.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Font Studio 
It generates bitmaps from windows fonts, and applies special effects such as a drop shadow, colouring and kerning (space between characters). It provides support for any range of unicode characters you'd want and can output to any sort of file you want via a robust plugin interface.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG ppFonter 
Makes packed bitmaps (TGA,BMP,PNG) from TTF files from zips/system fonts.
Freeware Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Empty.JPG sfontmaker 
An improved bfontmaker that can output PNG with an alpha channel.

Screenshot/Video Capture Tools

Get some media to show friends or put on your website.

Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG AutoScreen 
Automatic screenshot taker than can also upload screenshots to an FTP server and/or ImageShack.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Bandicam 
Bandicam makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Free version includes watermark and limited recording time.
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG BB FlashBack 
Screen recorder that allows you to export movies to Flash, AVI, WMV or EXE formats. Enhance movies with sound, text and images. Perfect for software demonstrations, screencasting, presentations, tutorials and training.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG CamStudio 
Free Program that captures all Screen and Audio activity to AVI
Shareware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Fraps 
Full version lets you record videos for OpenGL and Direct3D, but it costs money.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG Taksi 
Taksi aims to provide an open source alternative to Fraps.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG ScreenCap 
Nice little screen capture program.
Freeware WindowsWindows Empty.JPG Empty.JPG SnapShooter 2007 
Impressive screen capture software with plug-in support.

Audio Tools

Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux sfxr 
A simple Sound Effects Generator, originally made for people participating in the Tri-annual Ludum Dare 48hr game development competition as many entrants had difficulty finding the time to incorporate audio.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Bfxr 
Bfxr is an elaboration of the glorious Sfxr, the program of choice for many people looking to make sound effects for computer games.
Freeware WindowsWindows OSXOSX LinuxLinux Audacity 
Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

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